Bowral Markets this weekend 10th of March

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The Bungypump team are back in Bowral markets this weekend, SaturdayMarkets 10th of March! Following up on last month. Yvonnick will be your host, he comes with a lot of experience walking with poles and has been using Bungypumps for many years. If you do not know where it is then check out all the details at the Bowral market web page here.

We will be set up and there from 8am ready with the whole range of Bungypumps for you to have a demonstration with and even a trial. He will be able to give you all the tips in how you can get the most out of walking with Bungypumps, Being from France he will put a very European spin on how its done. Hope to see you there this Saturday!

If you have any injuries, sore back, Knees, ankles, hips then walking with poles will absolutely help, all of the weight will be taken off the lower limbs and you will find it easier to walk further and more confidently. Come and notice the difference!

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