Physical activity helps in Fibromyalgia Rehabilitation. Fibromyalgia is a lifelong disease that usually affects women. Symptoms of the disease are body-wide pain and tenderness in the soft tissues; abnormal fatigue and bowel problems. Following a Fibromyalgia Rehabilitation program can help.

Fibromyalgia Rehabilitation programIn research studies physical activity has shown to give equivalent results to medical treatment. The primarily focus is on low intensity exercise to improve strength and endurance.

What is important when it comes to exercise is to begin with a program that is below your current physical level. Improve your endurance and build up your workout routine to 20-30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on a regular basis, preferably most days of the week. It’s important that you take your time and set up goals that are reasonable.

All physical activity increases the nourishment to various body structures, increased circulation, increased stamina and strength, as well as improved coordination and balance

To maintain a good fitness is an investment in your future. It’s never too late to start moving and exercising!

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