Activate more muscles and burn more calories than walking without poles.




The benefits of using BungyPump’s are Fitness, Weight Loss, Rehabilitation, Strength Training and Endurance. BungyPump’s are the multifunctional way of exercising.

BungyPump’s target both the upper and lower body, resulting in 90% of the body’s muscles being activated and up to 77% increased burning of calories.They create a workout for everyone who wants to improve their fitness and build a stronger and more flexible body.

BungyPump’s are one of the most successful fitness products on the Swedish market today. Being suitable for both urban and more natural environments. BungyPump’s appeal to everyone’s needs and has proven to be extremely popular with all ages and fitness levels. BungyPump’s have managed to capture the imagination of those who don’t usually participate in regular exercise.

BungyPump’s have succeeded in overcoming the comparison with traditional Nordic Walking and has proven to be a multifunctional training tool that offers much more! BungyPumps are for you whether you want regular exercise, rehabilitation, weight loss or more physically demanding activity.

Training with BungyPump’s is the key to lifelong well-being.