1) Turn the pole upside-down. Adjust the pole so that it feels comfortable, between shoulder and armpit. Lock into position by holding the middle section (B) and turning the lower section (C).

2) Adjust the handstrap by pulling on the lower strap. Keep the locking device open while you adjust the loop. Press the locking device and pull gently on the two upper straps to lock into position.

3) Slip your hand into the loop from below and then grasp the handle of the pole. Hold the pole in a comfortable and relaxed way.

4) Place the pole on the ground in line with the back of your foot or immediately behind your heel and then press downwards. Walk or jog with a normal rhythm alternating your left leg and so on. Keep in mind: try to keep your back straight, lower shoulders, pull stomach in and keep your eyes straight ahead. Always keep your arm slightly angled and have the pole in a backwards angled position.




Watch this instructional video on how to correctly set up your BungyPumps.