Q. How is BungyPump different from traditional walking poles?

BungyPump only resembles traditional poles in the shape, everything else is very different. BungyPump is a multifunctional training pole that can be used for much more than just walking. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors, for warm up, strength and stretching exercises. BungyPump can help with weight loss, rehabilitation, improving endurance and fitness level. Why? BungyPump poles have unique 20 cm built in suspension loaded with 4, 6 or 10 kilograms resistance to benefit your daily training. You can read the user manual here

Q. Which BungyPump model should I chose, the Number One, Energy or Power?

  1. The Number One has 4kg of built-in resistance, and is more suitable for someone that does not exercise everyday or for rehabilitation purposes.
  2. The Energy has 6kg of built-in resistance, and is suitable for someone that is more active and wants a more challenging workout. Perfect for weight loss and for burning off those calories faster.
  3. The Power has 10kg of built-in resistance and it has been designed for elite athletes any anyone who is looking for a really hard workout!

Q. When do I need to use the rubber foot or tungsten tip?

The rubber foot is suitable to use when walking on asphalt roads or other hard surfaces. The tungsten tip is excellent for use on both soft and hard surface, for example walking in the park or forest, as well as on icy or slippery surface.

Q. Can training with BungyPump help me lose weight?

When using the BungyPump you get up to 77% increased calorie consumption compared to regular walking (see Test Report), BungyPump also works both your upper and lower part of the body’s muscles. You get a multifunctional workout that promotes increased strength, endurance, flexibility and improves your overall fitness condition. Watch our training videos to get a better understanding of the multifunctional use with these poles. Not only can you walk with them, but also use for various individual exercises.

Q. How can I adjust the length of the BungyPump training poles?

It is simple! In order to adjust the length you simply hold the poles middle part of the shaft and twist the bottom part of the shaft until you feel it release. Pull it out. Hold the middle part of the shaft and insert the bottom part of the shaft into the middle one. Turn the training pole upside-down, adjust the height of it according to the level of your chest or armpit. Make sure the height feels comfortable. In order to fasten the height of the training pole, simply hold the poles middle part of the shaft and twist the bottom part of the shaft until it is secure. For more detailed instructions please also view our Instruction page.

Q. Where do I store my BungyPump training poles when I don’t use them?

When the training poles are not in use store them inside where the poles will be protected from the elements.

Q. Can I use my BungyPump training poles to walk on the beach, or other type of sandy surface?

You can use the training poles on the beach and on sandy surfaces, but make sure that you don’t “play” with them and get them covered with sand, this can result in damage due to the stand that enters the inside of the pole.

Q. I just had a surgery, can I use the poles?

Yes, the poles are often used in rehabilitation purposes. They help to build up muscles and strengthen the body. But please consult with your physiotherapist and make sure that your condition after the surgery is good enough to start with physical activity and exercising again.

Q. What do I do when the rubber foot or tungsten tip gets worn out?

We have spare parts, both rubber feet and tungsten tips, for sale in our webshop. Visit our webshop.

Q. My BungyPump training poles are damaged/broken, what can I do?

If you have any issues with your poles please contact us, either via email or using the contact page. We will endeavour to find a solution to your problem.

Q. Do I have to learn how to use BungyPump poles through a qualified instructor?

The basic technique for using BungyPump is easy to pick up by everybody. You can watch our introduction video here or
read free user manual. However, in order to maximise the benefits it is advised to use a qualified instructor so you can tailor your training to your personal needs.

Q. Why was the new glove system introduced?

The handy gloves and straps allow the user to train more effectively and for longer. Allowing your arms further movement in a backwards direction behind the hip area; it also offers a more relaxing feel, it won’t squeeze but is firm. Eventually this results in a more effective swing from the shoulder which activates major muscles in the upper body. With good quality padding and feel good fabric the comfort offered, especially for those who use poles mainly for walking, is second to none. Thee is also an easy to release Velcro strap with pull-strap so when in winter wearing gloves is easy to pull the Velcro

Q. What do I do when the bottom shaft (when the height of the pole is adjusted) keeps twisting/turning?

It’s nothing to worry about. Just pull the bottom shaft (one with rubber end/tungsten tip) out from the middle section until it reaches the plastic expander and play it (turn and twist), push it back to required height and tighten again. It is a common issue to all adjustable height poles.

Q. What actions can damage the poles, what should I avoid?

Unfortunately damage is not covered by warranty. Whilst the poles are not easily damaged, there are a few things you shouldn’t do to avoid damage:
– do not turn/twist the middle section of the training pole
– do not pull middle section from the top part (thick shaft)
– protect suspension mechanism from sand and salty water
– avoid applying sideway force on the pole (if exercise requires it – use the top/thick shaft)