Introducing Yvonnick to the Bungypump Family

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Yvonnick Dubosq

We have been busy at Bungypump Australia headquarters since the New Year, and have big plans to help you!

Good health improves your quality of life at every level and it is important to take time out to invest in it. Body orientated therapy can provide an essential contribution to health, alleviating symptoms of modern day stress as well as being a joyful experience.

Yvonnick Dubosq has joined the Sydney team, he is from France and has been using Bungypumps for over 3 years. Yvonnick is a body worker with over fifteen years of experience in the mind body arena. His areas of expertise include Massage, Aromatherapy, Dien Chan (facial reflexology), Access Bar (hands on head energy healing process), Reiki, Bush Flower Essences, as well as nutritional advice.

This multi-layered approach means that each session is unique and tailored to the individual’s needs. He is Bungypump certified and is waiting for your call to discuss how his skills and Bungypumps can help you.

Please reach out through our Contact Us page and start the discussion today.


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