BungyPumps are the only walking poles with in-built resistance in Australia. Perfect for all ages, fitness levels and great for keeping fit, training or rehabilitation. You will activate 90% of your muscles and burn 77% more calories than walking without poles.

BungyPump’s are the ONLY walking poles in Australia with in-built resistance that activates 90% of your muscles and burns 77% more calories





The poles can be used for walking or running and are also perfect as a strength training tool for both indoor and outdoor exercises. BungyPump is the new multifunctional way of training to achieve fitness and strength at the same time.


  • Up to 77% increased burning of calories compared with regular walking
  • 90% of the body’s muscles are activated
  • Soft and gentle on shoulders and elbows
  • Strengthens the core and corrects posture
  • Praised by medical experts – used for rehabilitation and weightloss
  • Unique product manufactured in Sweden
  • Adjustable length, suits the whole family
  • Can be used by everyone – regardless of age, fitness and gender
  • BungyPump is the all round, effective training tool
  • Suits everyone, from daily exercisers to elite athletes

BungyPumps are intended for everyone who wants to improve their fitness, conditioning and at the same time develop a strong core and supple body. The in-built suspension eliminates hard shocks from the downward thrust of normal walking poles. This means that elbows and shoulders are not over-exerted, and the pressure is relieved on knees and hips giving you body a low impact exercise.