BungyPump Number One (4kg)

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Target groups

BungyPump Number One is the perfect beginners pole, it suits all target groups that are looking for training equipment on a regular level.


  • Length: 115-155cm, adjustable
  • Grip: Ergonomically formed handle in EVA with Strap
  • Shaft – upper: ABS Copolymer, Diameter 30mm
  • Shaft – lower: Aluminium
  • Tip: Tungsten
  • Foot: Natural rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Made in Sweden
  • Sold as a pair

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The BungyPump Number One Poles provide resistance equivalent to 4kg. This means that with each step you press down a force of 4kg. If you take your BungyPump Poles for a 30-minute walk, you’ll have pressed down about 13,607 kilograms by the end! The BungyPump Number One Poles are perfect for beginners, regular exercisers, seniors, or for rehabilitation purposes.

BungyPump Number One can be used all year round and the tip can be changed to match the seasons and walking surfaces. The Rubber feet suit normal surfaces, the Baskets for soft surfaces and the Tungsten tip for icy surfaces. The ergonomically formed handle with strap gives steady support.

3 reviews for BungyPump Number One (4kg)

  1. Yvonne

    Yesterday on our City Walk & Talk I tested out some BungyPump Walking Poles. At first I was a little cautious but after a few minutes I found my stride. I found my arms and glutes (bottom muscles) received an additional workout this morning thanks to the poles. Using the poles can also burn up to 77% more calories than walking without them. I will definitely use them again when on my next walk.

  2. Pia (verified owner)

    We received our poles during the Christmas holiday and started to use them this week.
    What a difference between normal poles and Bungypumps, the whole body is sore (good way) and you can really feel the muscles all over getting a workout.
    We highly recommend these, 4kg is plenty for an hour of brisk walking and steep hill climbing for us.

  3. Jeanette Mihaljevich

    Have been walking with the Bungypump 4kg for 3 weeks now. After the first 2 days my muscles were so sore I needed a day’s rest (this has got to be a good thing) Definitely in the stride now and after a 1 hour daily walk which includes steep hill climbing are now adding in exercises at the end. Great for assisting with squats / lunges and using with your arms behind your back.
    I was more of a gym person but after using the BungyPump compared to normal poles would HIGHLY recommend. Am expecting to see some great results soon. 🙂

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