BungyPump Walkathlon Multicolor


Target groups

BungyPump Walkathlon Multicolor is the perfect beginners pole starting a 4kg resistance, they suit all target groups that are looking for training equipment on a regular level. You have the freedom to choose between using these poles with resistance for training or locked into a fixed position for hikes. You also get an added extra because we will also send you a free upgrade to a 6kg resistance so once you have more experience with the resistance you will be able to challenge yourself even more.


  • Length: 115-155cm, adjustable
  • Grip: Cork handle and ergonomic glove.
  • Shaft – upper: Aluminum 18 mm.
  • Shaft – lower: Aluminium 16mm
  • Tip: Carbide
  • Foot: Natural rubber
  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Moveable locking system to alter between resistance and fixed pole
  • Made in Sweden
  • Sold as a pair

In stock



The BungyPump Walkathlon Multicolor poles offer Two-in-one, you have the option of using the 4 kilo resistance or using them as a fixed pole. Suitable for both training and hikes. The built-in resistance gives you the effective yet gentle fitness and strength training, while the fixed option is perfect for hikes in mountains, rugged terrains or as support on slippery surfaces.

The Walkathlon poles also come with a free upgrade to a higher 6kg resistance level. You will receive an upgrade kit with 6kg resistance without any extra cost.

* The Walkathlon poles can also be disassembled when travelling, without tools you can break them down to 3 parts totalling 68cm in length.


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