BungyPump Slimline (4kg)


Target groups

BungyPump Slimline suits all target groups that are looking for training equipment on regular level.


  • Length: 113-155cm, adjustable
  • Grip: Handle in cork and ergonomically padded strap, equipped with a quick release button
  • Shaft – upper: Aluminium, Diameter 18mm
  • Shaft – lower: Aluminium, Diameter 16mm
  • Tip: Tungsten
  • Foot: Natural rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Made in Sweden
  • Sold as a pair


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The BungyPump Slimline Poles provide resistance equivalent to 4kg. This means that with each step you press down a force of 4kg. If you take your BungyPump Poles for a 30-minute walk, you’ll have pressed down about 13,607 kilograms by the end! The BungyPump Slimline Poles are perfect for beginners, regular exercisers, seniors, or for rehabilitation purposes.

BungyPump Slimline can be used all year round and the tip can be changed to match the seasons and walking surfaces. The Rubber feet suit normal surfaces, the Baskets for soft surfaces and the Tungsten tip for icy surfaces. The ergonomically formed handle with strap gives steady support.


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